Rug Feline


Strong, imposing, dominant is the Bengal tiger, one of the largest predators in the world. Felino characterizes the power of the predator that today can be seen as a species in the process of extinction. A rough drawing in the excavations combined with strong lists of zigzags that figuratively prevent the tigers from attacking their prey. Rich in different textures and different materials, the FELINE carpet is a metaphorical power that the animal can have in controversy with human actions. A 100% handmade carpet with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.

Total price:€4.350

Dimensions L x W X H (cm):

200 x 300 (this is an example. Dimensions on request)

Materials Technic:

Hand tufted | Natural wool | Botanical silk

Finishes | Colors:

White | Black | Green | Red | Orange

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