Rug Antelope


Antelope is the name we give to fabulous animals that are wild and difficult to catch; its etymology refers to animals with long eyelashes. There are 91 species, the most famous of which is from Africa - the Impala. The antelope's horn is valued in many places for its alleged medicinal and magical powers. The horn of the male saiga is known in the East as an aphrodisiac, for which it has been hunted almost to extinction. Keeping in mind this symbology, the geometric ANTELOPE carpet is ideal for bringing magic into your projects.

Total price:€4.560

Dimensions L x W X H (cm):

200 x 300 (this is an example. Dimensions on request)

Materials Technic:

Hand tufted | Carving | Loop | Natural wool | Botanical silk

Finishes | Colors:

Gray | Dark Gray | Orange | Black

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