Coffee table Lapiaz


Coffee table Lapiaz takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new level. This contemporary design piece finds beauty in the most unexpected places and is inspired by authentic karst formations. The organic features are achieved by the manual assembly of the polished brass top, and a sharp exterior finished with polished stainless steel that represents a perfect mirror. The hammered brass details and the mirrored sides convey both dynamism and elegance, a beautiful duality between strength and sophistication to bring a new contemporary flair to the interior design. A functional work of art conceived in three modules for unexpected combinations. Born from cold and freshly cracked to show the world a rich, golden interior.

Total price:€10.680


Dimensions L x W X H (cm):

115 x 85 x 26.5

Materials and finishes:

Polished stainless steel Polished brass Wood structure

Arts and techniques:
Woodworking Metalworking

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