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Monique Hofman always had a passion for interior design and a keen eye for luxury furniture, which is why she decided to create Berlano in 2013. Her goal with Berlano was to bring the creative world of high-quality furniture into people's homes. Since then, Berlano has changed the way technology delivers services to customers with high aesthetic and innovative design values. With her passing in 2020, the new generation of her family is leading the future and serving Berlano's values ​​and principles. Our mission is to bring luxury and comfort to any space and we do so through a selective experience of seeking and acquiring unique designs - a true concept of interior design. We rely on exceptional customer service, high aesthetics, innovation and dedication to detail. Welcome to Berlano – Think Luxury.

The world of luxury high-end furniture at your fingertips!

Elegant living is a way of life! We are here to bring elegance and beauty to your moments next to your space. Eclectic pieces, inspired interior projects, ambitious experience, lofty style ideas, sophisticated partnerships, Born to be interior designers, exceptional customer service.

Discover the world of Berlano Elegant Living!

Monique Hoffman


Monique Hofman had a clear passion for interior design and loved to create 'cosiness' wherever she went. She managed to create this warm and welcome feeling by sharing her personal style and, more importantly, by her friendly, accepting and warm personality that she brought with her everywhere she went. Monique used these two properties as Berlano's fundamental building blocks.

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Parkstraat 83, 2514JG, The Hague, Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce number: 83717773

VAT number: 8629.68.112.B.01

Bank: Rabobank

IBAN: NL29 RABO 0397 0467 23


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Alexander Gert Oktapodas


Elina Oktapodas

Head of Business Operations