Berlano's new jacket.....

It took a while, but after some toil and plowing it finally happened: the new Berlano website. We are proud and proud of it. See the following link:

As it is said in English marketing terms, our “core business” is sales via the Internet. Of course we have our specialists who will provide you with further information over the phone or guide you to a showroom. But in the end we are a young company that has to rely on our webshop for the sale of luxurious and attractive furniture and accessories.

Of course it wasn't just some pictures and texts changing. On the contrary. We first had to think about what we want to communicate, how do we profile ourselves, how do we see our target group and how does our target group see us. The latter is not unimportant because you are the customer and decide whether or not to purchase. But of course these are all things that happened behind the scenes before developing our new website with technical partners.

Of course it seems easy, but I can assure you that it has kept us awake. We wanted the look and presentation to bring the quality of the site to a higher level in balance with our furniture and accessories. Perhaps with a correction here and there or something could be improved, but at the end the investment, both in time and money, must be worth it and confirm its usefulness.

We think we have succeeded, although of course you are the jury and have the final say. However, in my opinion it has become a pleasant and clear presentation. Soft, not too loud colors and with fonts that are clearly legible without using a loupe in addition to reading glasses or having to change the font size setting on your computer and tablet.

And then there's that which takes precedence above all else: the content or "content" as the marketers used to say. That which we offer and sell. Furniture in all its categories. We have divided it as follows: furniture – lighting – home accessories – garden – brands. These five core items in turn have subcategories. So if you know what you want, it is quickly looked up. Otherwise, you can browse at your leisure to see what we have for sale. You can also search by brand if you wish. You click on preferred brand and all the articles are conjured up on your screen. It couldn't be easier.

And then we come to what is most important to you as a customer. Besides the fact that the website must be handy and practical, you are of course mainly looking for the content: our furniture and home accessories from Berlano. We have also made a clear choice there. Furniture with taste that radiates luxury, comfort and solidity. Elegance is the guiding principle.

Our sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and all those accessories have been chosen by us to reflect just that little bit. Of course you also want your interior not only to radiate your own taste, character and lifestyle, but it must also be livable. Only stylish furniture without being able to flatter your posterior lazily in a chair is of little use and quickly leads to discomfort. After all, our house is for living and living in. For the lucky ones with a garden or who have a large terrace, we offer a variety of trendy and even playful furniture ranging from garden chairs to lounge chairs or wooden and wicker elements with even matching planters to stay in one style and give everything flowing shapes.< /p>

No life without light, literally and figuratively. Lighting is an integral part of our living. And besides the need for light, it is an important source for the design and even more so for the atmosphere in our house. Table lamps provide light in a small area and are ideally suited to atmospherically illuminate corners, while the ceiling lamps determine the general lighting. The lighting also has everything to do with your lifestyle. Some people like to eat at a brightly lit dining table, while others prefer mood light, with or without a dimmer,  and candles. Without lighting there is  no style, everyone can agree with that.

And then there is of course that which makes your interior stylish, elegant, cosy, trendy and unique: the accessories. After all, a nice cabinet or wall rack and your walls also ask not to stay naked, but for small items or perhaps your own collection of things that you want to display. Even an empty corner with enough light gets a different look with a beautiful plant and stylish planter. Poufs, side tables, candles and vases in your home give that little extra to reflect your personality  and above all that livable feeling. And also rugs and mirrors should not be forgotten to determine the spatial perspective.Rugs and wall decorations also provide more pleasant acoustics, because a reverberating room gives little (hearing) pleasure


You see, we have put a lot of effort into it and we think we have succeeded in creating a website that can help you to furnish your home with the right ratio of aesthetics, comfort and, last but not least, to own lifestyle. I think I can say that pleasant living comfort strongly contributes to your mental well-being in order to relax. Relaxing in your own environment behind your own walls, what more could you wish for? After all, the English term says it clearly: my home is my castle. Berlano is happy to help you give your castle its  unique style

We are a young and dynamic team and our aspiration is to inspire you.



You know: chandelier. The chandelier is usually a somewhat larger hanging lamp used to illuminate larger spaces. There are often arms on it or it is in the shape of a crown. They were already known in the Middle Ages and were used only by the rich. Sometimes they were also moved from one room to another. In the beginning candles (chandelier > chandelle > french for candle) were used until the gas for lighting was invented. In modern times then came the electricity. Most chandeliers were naked bulbs and today there is LED lighting. The most famous chandeliers are the crystal chandelier with spangles and prisms, whether or not made of Murano glass near Venice, and you are probably familiar with the Dutch chandelier made of copper and curved arms on a copper ball.


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