Zelfzorg en uw Interieur

Self-care and your Interior

When the idea came up to dedicate a blog to “self-care” I had to frown and ponder for a while in my easy chair. After all, in my mind I gave that w...


To buy

Buying is necessary. If only for the first primary need: food, drink, clothing, footwear and so on. Without buying we would still be living like Ad...

Inrichten of laten inrichten….

Set up or have it set up….

To furnish or to have it furnished….….that is the question. We are not talking about the junk room but about your living room, kitchen, bedroom, th...

Binnenkijken? Gezellig!

Looking inside? Cozy!

Our first Berlano blog. Our love of decoration has words, words that warm me and words that travel through the mind.